Colorado Teen Dies After Being Shot By Close Family Friend In ‘prank That Went Bad’


He is scheduled to appear in Boulder County court Monday, and police are investigating whether or not to charge him with killing Premila Lal. The 21-year-old let a juvenile male have possession of a handgun without the parents permission. That is a felony crime in our state, Longmont Police Cmdr. Jeff Satur told KDVR. Praveen Lal said Galley and Premila were close friends, the Longmont Times-Call reports. “I just want to go and tell him we can feel his pain,” Praveen Lal said. The Niwot cross-country team ran a meet Saturday morning in Premilas honor, writing the initials PL on their legs, KDVR reports.
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Family finds $300,000 of gold treasure off coast of Florida


“What’s really neat about them [Schmitt family] is they are a family, they spend family time together out there and the most amazing part about them is they always believed this day would come,” Brent Brisben whose company 1715 Fleet – Queens Jewels LLC owns the rights to the wreckage told Reuters. The treasure found by the Schmitts comes from the wreckage of a convoy of 11 ships that were destroyed in a hurricane off the coast of Florida in 1715 while en route from Havana to Spain. The 1977 film “The Deep” and the 2008 “Fool’s Gold” film were based off of the 1715 wreckage. According to the ships’ manifests, $400 million worth of treasure was on board and so far only $175 million has been found, Brisben said. Brisben’s company bought the rights to the wreck site from legendary treasure hunter Mel Fisher in 2010. He allows others to search for gold under subcontracting agreements. The Schmitts have been searching for treasure for years and before discovering the gold, a 2002 haul included a $25,000 silver platter. This is also not the first find for Brisben who found 51 gold coins in July worth around $250,000.
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Rona Ambrose makes family violence a priority in health portfolio

Justin Trudeau brings star power to P.E.I.

As medical professionals, you have a vital role to play in helping to address violence by recognizing the signs, reporting violence and ensuring your patients get the physical and mental support they need, Ambrose told physicians at the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association in Calgary last month, where Francescutti was installed as president of the professional body representing more than 78,000 doctors nationwide. Still, years of experience in the real world of emergency medicine had Francescutti diluting his praise with a strong word of caution, noting his own reluctance to ask his ER patients about violence at home because a bed in a safe shelter is so often unavailable. I think its great, but we better make sure that we deliver resources, because there would be nothing worse than creating false expectations for these individuals that find themselves in very difficult situations, Francescutti told the Star Friday. Given the plethora of timely topics to choose from home care, the safety of prescription drugs and the push for a new 2014 Health Accord, to name a few it may seem surprising that Ambrose has decided family violence, with a particular focus on violence against women and girls, will be the issue she plans to champion at the cabinet table. But for Ambrose, who was recently the minister for status of women and worked with womens shelters and sexual abuse crisis centres before she entered politics, it was an obvious move. Its my view that family violence is a public health issue. Its a public policy issue, she said last week. I believe that all orders of government should be raising awareness of this issue and so as health minister I believe I have a great opportunity to raise the profile of this issue both domestically and internationally. She also understands the importance of appealing to the pocketbooks and not just the hearts of Canadians and governments and points to a report from Justice Canada last year that estimated the economic cost of spousal abuse to be about $7.4 billion annually, or $220 per person.
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