Twitlonger — When You Talk Too Much For Twitter

I mean when Fat Cat used to say goodnight to the kids it was 7.30pm for goodness sake now its 8.30 they should throw this out.) no doubt at all, if you think about it when you and I were growing up what was on TV was The Brady Bunch and The Six Million Dollar Man, nowadays its very, very common for high level swearing whatever word imaginable is on the TV these days after 8.30 and sex is commonplace so be it, adults have got the ability to determine if they want to watch that or not but kids havent. The data is absolutely clear, the younger you expose children to this sort of activity the more immune they become to violence and the more interested they become in sex themselves. There was a study actually done in America between six and eighteen year olds by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and their findings were absolutely definitive and it showed categorically that kids as young as six can be impacted by violence and sex on television the free to air stations may claim that the internets available now so the landscapes changed but the fact is most kids spend more time watching TV than they do anything else and the internet has a wonderful thing called filtering which parents Im sure most parents dont even know that their modern TVs are capable of putting the locks on and the like, its just too complex for people were really, really strongly against it, this is a core issue for us. (Makin: why do you think the TV stations free to air stations are doing this because I would have thought their brain wouldve said right the mums and dads, the viewing audience they want to keep their audiences they want to keep their audiences happy, why would they throw this one out there?) obviously its a business decision theyre seeking to increase their revenue I presume the sorts of shows were talking about do rate pretty well by and large but they rate pretty well for two reasons theyre on later at night which is when adults have got their kids in bed and theyve got time to watch TV thats the main reason. The second reason is that there are obviously more adults in the viewing audience than kids thats why they rate better as well. But its a revenue grab essentially from the TV stations; I dont blame them theyre businesses and they exist to make money but there has to be a line in the sand; our kids have to be sacrosanct.
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