Down Syndrome Families Get Helping Hand

At GiGis Playhouse, there is acceptance, inclusion and a knowledge that people with Down syndrome have feelings as much as anyone else. Its a lot of fun, but theres a lot of learning going on, too, The facility isnt a school but rather provides supplemental education and social interaction for those with Down syndrome. Among its programs, GiGis offers therapeutic playgroups for youngsters, literacy and math tutoring, art and drama clubs, and social groups for teens and adults. There are also programs for siblings. Building awareness The facility also exists to bring awareness of Down syndrome to the community. A key component to any Gigis Playhouse is the couch, where families whose children have been recently diagnosed can come in and see the kids playing and interacting with each other. Some of these families might not know anyone with Down syndrome, so this will help them understand what they can expect in the future, Wenger said.
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Gonzalez: City abandons displaced families from a building they were ordered to leave

Even worse, housing officials didnt bother to take the owner to court until August, nor have they sought to impose stiff fines against the landlord. Its been a terrible experience, Smith said. We cant have phones or visitors where we live now, and its a high-crime area. HPD promised us if the landlord didnt fix things by Nov. 17, they would do the work and bill him, she said. Well, we never heard from the city again. RELATED: GONZALEZ: WITNESS TESTIFIES IN CITYTIME CASE The city did so after discovering cracked walls and sagging or partially collapsed floors in several apartments, all caused by the landlords illegal gutting of an empty first-floor unit.
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