Family Asks Help Finding Missing 14-year-old Cousins

Mateo Nunez, left, and Jacob Perez, right, were last seen Friday morning in Berwyn, relatives said.

They were last seen near 28th Street and Euclid Avenue in Berwyn Friday, family members said. Jacobs family recently moved to Naperville, and Mateos to Riverside. Jacob was seen at school Thursday, but has not been home since, and Mateo disappeared Friday morning. Jacob is described as a white Hispanic boy, standing about 5-foot-6 and weighing about 160 pounds. He has dark brown hair and a light complexion. He was last seen wearing a blue Cubs hooded sweatshirt under a camouflage jacket with leather arms, black jeans and Adidas shoes.
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News On Fast Secrets Of Family

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Wildcat Haven Sanctuary Death: No Criminal Investigation, But Victim’s Family And Organization Dispute Whose At Fault |

The organization said in a statement Sunday that the keeper violated the handbook by being alone in the enclosure. Tuller also told deputies that Radziwon-Chapman improperly brought a hose in the cage. He said Saturday not a normal day because he and his wife were not at the sanctuary. Carol Radziwon, the keepers mother, lashed out at the suggestion that her daughter broke rules. She said her daughter complained to executive director Cheryl Tuller about the sanctuarys safety practices two days before her death. “She was left alone at that sanctuary, Carol Radziwon, who lives in Pennyslvania, said.
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your mom’s side or dad’s side? … That’s hard…
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